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We Support

Urban Rail for Central Austin We Support the redesignation of the Guadalupe-North Lamar Corridor as a top priority for building the city's first light rail alignment. We support an extension to East Riverside by crossing Lady Bird Lake on or between South First Street bridge and Seaholm Center. A western alignment through downtown is crucial to align the South Congress and South Lamar corridors with the Guadalupe-North Lamar corridor.

We Oppose

Urban Rail for Central Austin We Oppose the Project Connect ballot measure containing a mass transit investment that threatens the development of urban rail in the dense Guadalupe-North Lamar corridor. We oppose any measure that contains urban rail service to the duplicative and wasteful nearby Highland sub-corridor, which is already served by Capital Metro's Red Line commuter rail with a $17 per passenger taxpayer subsidy.

We Oppose

Urban Rail for Central Austin We Oppose the so-called 2014 Strategic Mobility Plan that combines the ineffective Project Connect urban rail plan with hundreds of millions of dollars in unrelated highway intersection projects. We call on Austin City Council to keep these measures separate, and give the voters of Austin an honest choice on the merits.

Austin Urban Rail

It has become commonplace in the transportation planning profession to equate congestion with affluence. Recently, that argument has been tailored for policymakers to imply causation. Project Connect has taken the "Think beyond congestion" mantra to new depths with their Highland Mall rail proposal. Council's bundling of Project Connect rail plan with unrelated highway intersection projects valued in the hundreds of millions dollars is a testament to the weakness of that rail plan. We're not buying it and neither should the voters of Austin.

If built, Project Connect's light rail to Highland Mall will be a symbolic rail alignment. From Hancock Shopping Center inbound, it is identical to the longstanding Mueller rail eastern alignment proposal. A Highland-Hancock-Mueller alignment will send near-empty trains running up and down Red River Street. Both would serve the stadium that holds 7 games a year, the new medical school with a projected resident enrollment of 175, and an aspirational "innovation district" in a Capitol Complex that a new state law put off limits. Both plans would run past blocks of state-owned parking garages to the convention center where the plans turn one of downtown's few parks, the historic Brush Square, into a transit station and to demolish a new symbol of community pride, the Waller Creek Boathouse, to cross Lake Lady Bird.

Empty trains will be visible to the thousands of drivers in stalled traffic on the IH-35 upper deck. This high-subsidy line will be a daily reminder to the region of Project Connect's wasted opportunity, and a lasting legacy of today's leadership. Instead of a successful, expandable high-ridership line that connects people where they live to where they work, it may be the first and last light rail alignment built in of our lifetimes. Highland is a literal dead end for the plan, and for the future of our city. The Project Connect plans no future extensions to the north from the Highland Terminus, unlike the numerous other misleading and arbitrary extensions it features in its plan to build political support.

That's why we established Our Rail, a political action committee promoting a fair and effective first light rail investment. We SUPPORT the redesignation of Guadalupe-North Lamar as a top priority for building the city's first LIGHT RAIL alignment. We will OPPOSE any ballot measure that contains light rail service to the speculative and duplicative Highland sub-corridor. We SUPPORT concurrent construction of any extension such as EAST RIVERSIDE which connects to Guadalupe-North Lamar alignment via a lake crossing that makes sense. We will OPPOSE a Project Connect plans in lieu of rail such as a proposed $500 million MetroRapid busway that threatens the livability and future of light rail on Guadalupe-North Lamar.

Austin can build tracks within a ten minute walk of a third of all the jobs in this city, or it can choose to be symbolic. Many people have already made that choice. UT Student Government, non-profits, planning bodies, and neighborhood organizations serving over 100,000 Austinites have formally endorsed a light rail alignment in the Guadalupe-North Lamar corridor.

Policymakers refused to listen, and the people have taken this back.

Support Shown for Guadalupe-North Lamar in Project Connect Workshops

November 5, 2013 Project Connect Workshop

November 6, 2013 Project Connect Workshop

November 26, 2013 Project Connect Televised Town Hall

Our Rail and Project Connect in The Media

Urban Rail for Central Austin Guadalupe-N Lamar is and has always been a matter of political will. As rail advocates, we feel the weight of responsibility for opposing this plan. But, that's half the commitment. The other half comes with our resolve to fix this weak plan. Success, not failure, is our objective. We will support the work of redesignating Guadalupe-N Lamar as the LPA after November and until the first train rolls. That route needs to be where the people want it, and where on every weekday morning tens of thousands of riders support it with their fares, not with new taxes.

Read major coverage of this planning campaign and what Our Rail and its affiliated groups have been doing to keep you informed.

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Project Connect

Urban Rail for Central Austin We Oppose the Project Connect Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA) approved by City Council on 6/26/14. That proposal is a $1.38 billion urban rail alignment to connect East Riverside to the Highland Mall area. The route runs along Airport Blvd, Red River St., San Jacinto, and crosses Lake Lady Bird to serve 4 stations on East Riverside. Our Rail strongly opposes this LPA designation.

Hancock, Northfield, and Eastwoods Neighborhood Impacts

Northfield, Ridgetop, and Highland Neighborhood Impacts

Project Connect 5/2/2014 Presentation (video)

Project Connect 5/2/2014 Slide Deck

Project Connect 5/16/2014 Presentation (video)

Project Connect 5/16/2014 Slide Deck



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